If you are one of the thousands of people in Kansas City enduring chronic back pain, muscle tensions, bodily aches, or frequent headaches, you might not realize that a trip to the Northland’s premier chiropractic center can help ease your pains. With core strengthening and rehabilitation from Spencer Clinic, you can re-activate the deepest layers of muscle in your spine and thorax, relieving your current pain, promoting core strength, and aiding in injury prevention.

Get a Custom Program of Core Strengthening Exercises in Kansas City

If you suffer from lower back pain, overall achiness, tension in your shoulders or upper back, or headaches, the core strengthening exercises performed by our expert team can alleviate your issues. While our chiropractic treatments can help correct your posture and ensure proper spinal motion, consistent performance of our tailored core strengthening exercises will make the results of our treatments even more long-lasting.

Maintaining your spinal wellness is as easy as visiting our expert chiropractic team to receive a comprehensive physical examination that concludes with the creation of a custom core strengthening program geared toward your unique chiropractic needs. We take your body, lifestyle, and particular physical ailments in mind when determining the appropriate core exercises for you.

Benefits of Core Strengthening Exercises

The core strengthening exercises and rehabilitation programs created by Spencer Clinic can dramatically improve your spinal health and overall wellness. With our core strengthening and conditioning, you’ll see an improvement in your posture and an increased ability to hold chiropractic adjustments for longer durations. Whether you are a physically active athlete or you lead a semi-sedentary lifestyle, the core strengthening exercises we advocate can also improve your balance, increase abdominal strength, reduce the incidence of fatigue, and help prevent injury.

Why Core Strengthening With Spencer Clinic?

You can access the directions to perform a number of core strengthening exercises on your own, but unless the exercises are targeted toward your specific chiropractic needs, they will not achieve the same results. We conduct our custom core strengthening exercises with specialized equipment that promotes strengthening and stabilization in the most difficult-to-target spinal muscles. By incorporating various top-of-the-line core strengthening equipment into our core workouts, we focus on alternating core muscle groups for a well-rounded program.

If you need help with reducing movement pain, improving your range of motion (overall or for a targeted area), reducing your chances of injury, bettering your posture, improving athletic performance, or pursuing rehabilitation after a back injury, a custom-designed core strengthening program by Spencer Clinic can provide the chiropractic solution. Contact us or all (816) 746-8300 to discuss your core strengthening and rehabilitation needs in Kansas City.