Did you know that to get your total wellness off on the right foot, you often need to focus on foot care? At Spencer Clinic of Kansas City, we offer foot care treatments that will benefit your whole body: Foot Levelers custom-fit foot orthotics.

Kansas City Foot Care That Benefits Your Whole Body?

As your cells are activated in the foot care treatment, your metabolism increases, and your organs are detoxified. The following 24-48 hours after your ionic foot cleanse session, your body’s detoxification will continue. The process boosts your immunity, helps eliminate pathogens, and restores your health overall. It may also help you sleep more soundly, boost your energy levels, increase your circulation, eliminate joint stiffness, tighten and firm your skin, improve your immunity and digestion, increase your healing abilities and metabolism, and gain mental alertness. Who knew that foot care could have an affect on the whole body?

Custom-Fit Orthotics

As a certified provider of custom-fit orthotics, Spencer Clinic can address your foot care needs, whether you are seeking orthotic footwear to relieve pain or to maintain your active lifestyle. Don’t trust standard shoes or pre-made, over-the-counter inserts to provide the level of foot care you need for whole body health. The custom-fit orthotics we provide can treat issues like bunions, pain in the lower back, shin splints, hip pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and more.

What is a Custom-Fit Orthotic?

The finest in foot care, the Foot Levelers custom-fit orthotics we offer are orthopedic devices designed to adjust or help the way your foot meets the ground to provide whole body support. They accomplish this goal by capturing the specific shape of your foot’s three-dimensional arch.

Before we begin creating your custom-fit orthotics to improve your foot care and overall health, your Spencer Clinic chiropractor will observe your posture, the range of motion of your legs and feet, your foot structure and alignment, and the wear patterns and function of your current footwear. In addition, we’ll discuss your current foot care issues and overall bodily pain problems.

In creating a custom-fit orthotic, we use a cast of your foot to see the unique aspects of your foot structure, including any misalignments that could be creating pain in your feet and in your body overall. We then employ a specialized computer program, your casts, and the information gained in your examination to produce custom-fit orthotics for your feet, designed to fix your misalignments and alleviate your pain.

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