In addition to providing chiropractic pain alleviation in Kansas City, Spencer Clinic also specializes in nutrition analysis to help you reach your optimum nutrition and overall health. Nutritional deficiencies can have real effects on your entire body and wellness, making it key for you to understand functional nutrition and your body’s specific nutritional needs. With a nutrition analysis by Spencer Clinic, you can do just that.

Achieve Balance With a Nutrition Analysis

Physical and emotional wellness are not the only factors that combine to achieve overall balance: in addition to your bodily systems and psychological wellness, you also need to achieve optimum nutrition.

When you visit Spencer Clinic for a nutrition analysis, our trained staff will work to understand your nutritional history, imbalances, deficiencies, stressors, and needs. Using sophisticated, scientific techniques such as saliva testing, hair analysis, and metabolic analysis, we can conduct a thorough nutritional examination, make specific observations about your personal nutrition as it currently stands, then use this data to determine the steps you should take to achieve optimum nutrition.

Nutritional Consultation by Appointment

A nutrition analysis from Spencer Clinic concludes with the creation of a tailor-made treatment plan to ensure your optimum nutrition moving forward. In designing your custom nutritional plan, we will target your specific deficiencies, imbalances, and stressors to support proper digestion and nutrient absorption, striving to eliminate your digestive issues, increase your immunity, boost your energy, and more depending upon your needs. By suggesting actionable dietary adjustments and creating a nutritional supplement program — including professional-strength lines such as Standard Process, MediHerb, Nordic Naturals, and more — we provide you with a solid foundation for optimum nutrition.

If you suffer from allergies, gastric issues, insomnia, kidney stones, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, headaches, skin problems, or weight problems, a nutritional deficiency, imbalance, or allergy could be causing or aggravating your medical conditions. Come to Spencer Clinic for a nutrition analysis to help treat your conditions and achieve optimum nutrition. Call (816) 746-8300 or contact us to discuss your optimum nutrition today!