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Whether you are starting a new job that requires a physical, aiming to discover the root of your pain, or simply looking to improve your overall wellness by determining your body’s aptitude for physical activity, the physicals provided by Spencer Clinic can help you reach your goals.

Get Yearly Physicals in Kansas City

Routine physicals are ideal for those who want to keep tabs on their health and development, and when it comes to providing the highest level of chiropractic care for our patients, we value the information gleaned from our comprehensive physicals.

Patient-Centered Physicals at Spencer Clinic

When carrying out physicals at Spencer Clinic, our chiropractors begin with a patient consultation in which you’ll provide a synopsis of any physical concerns you have, including a description of symptoms and their duration and frequency, the areas of pain, what actions ease the pain (such as stretching or laying down), and what actions worsen the pain (such as lifting items or walking).

Chiropractic Physicals

Once the areas of focus for your physicals are established, your chiropractor will start with a general physical exam using various assessments, including testing range of motion and reflexes, measuring muscle strength, conducting surface contact examinations or palpation, and other applying other neurological and orthopedic assessments. If you have a specific chiropractic complaint, such as chronic pain in your lower back, the remaining portion of your physicals will focus on that area of complaint. The chiropractic team will examine your entire spine to determine the injuries causing you pain. Your physicals might include X-rays so that our chiropractors can best analyze the condition and extent of wear of your soft tissues and bony anatomy.

Developing Comprehensive, Custom Chiropractic Treatment Plans

When the examination portion of our physicals is concluded, our outstanding chiropractic team will use the information gathered to develop a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan that may incorporate several of our chiropractic services. After your physicals at Spencer Clinic, you can receive completely customized care to treat your injury or irritation.

We also conduct sports physicals at Spencer Clinic, perfect for continuing, recovering, or returning athletes.

To learn more about our physicals, contact us or call Spencer Clinic today at (816) 746-8300.